Adsense stats not updating

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Various guess has been made, but none has the confirmation or absolute answer.

It’s even frustrated to see the earnings keep not changing upwards even though you check it every minutes!

Forum discussion at Webmaster World and Google Ad Sense Help.

ow fast and how frequent the Ad Sense statistics reports updated has long been speculation of Ad Sense publishers.

Google has not yet commented on the issue, from what I can tell. It is 99.9999% a reporting glitch and you don't need to worry.

Update: As of 10am EST, the reports seem to now be updating.

If you login to your Google Ad Sense account this morning, at least right now, you will see you have zero earnings.

As you dig deeper, you will see Google is reporting zero pageviews, clicks, RPM, CPC, impressions and zero data across the board for all of January 26, 2017.

Here is a screen shot of my dashboard: It is like the data stopped funneling in.

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