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Number 53, when we approach it, is just like the rest. She hasn’t lived there, or anywhere, since 1942 when she was taken from her home and sent off to Auschwitz to be killed. But I have quit my job in Chicago and I am home for the summer, and my belongings are sitting in the basement of my parents’ house awaiting a move to Columbus in the fall, and when will I be able to do something like this again: drop everything and leave with my dad? I hold up a piece of paper with Hans Hedeman-Kalker’s name written on it.We stand in front of it in silence for a few seconds. It serves at first as a practical marker; when we get back home and we’re showing the pictures to Mom, we’ll be able to tell her who lived where without consulting one of Dad’s many notecards.Und dann, als wir immer mehr Kontakt hatten, beschlossen wir: Erstmal machen wir ein Portrait von dir! Growing up where people usually go on holidays is not too bad!Auch wenn Christina sich vor der Kamera unwohl fühlt, wollten wir euch diese interessante Frau nicht vorenthalten. Well, my German parents moved to the South of France in Antibes about 40 years ago and due to an unforeseen event in their travel they decided to stay and live there. Thanks to my parent’s adventurous approach of life, I grew up in an international environment since they were Germans living in France.It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of weekend breaks, but for a short trip I’d usually go for somewhere in the UK and get there by train or car.Having to drive for four hours to get to Gatwick, braving the weekend check-in queues and the budget airline scrum always seemed a bit too much effort to fly somewhere just for a couple of days.

I’m so used to no-frills airlines that it was a nice surprise that you still get a free drink and a snack on KLM, even on our short 50-minute hop.During this time I noticed that golf was growing in popularity, so I sent my cv to the golf club in Spaarnewoude. I eat a very specific healthy balanced diet for my work.After a successful interview, they offered me a job teaching golf, which gave me time to continue playing on the circuit. So I guess if I can indulge, it would be apple pie. The countryside, village pubs, rugby, golf courses, Christmas and New Year celebrations, birthday parties, and all things synonymous with Britain. I’m proud of my English roots, but I am also fully integrated into the Dutch culture. I am hunched under a creaking, insubstantial umbrella. It is an hour before we are due at dinner and we are wandering through a quiet Amsterdam neighborhood looking for Hans Hedeman-Kalker’s house.I am there to hold the umbrella while my dad stands on the sidewalk and consults damp Google Maps printouts, old school.

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