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With constant every month every week lets--bash--"swirl"--woman threads like I really dont understand why you guys always cherrypick and hypocritically stereotype black women (or even men to be fair) who date out with the cases you choose to fixate on.I don't understand the notion that "swirlers" are obsessed with white men or non-black men ingeneral---Its you overly compesaing Afrocentric stay loyal handmaidens who think you have something pro black to prove.I feel like at every turn to try and encourage black women to do better and change aspects about themselves that hold them back, there is a lot of noise and resistance.And yet this SAME bunch of black women are walking around confused about "why things aren't happening for them." I can only shrug at this point.But the sentiment was a fairly common one when it comes to control-freak BM with a warped sense of entitlement regarding other people's lives and boundaries: Now, I wouldn't mind this comment so much if it came from my father or my brothers, the only black men in my life whose opinions actually matter to me. I'm a grown a** woman, and I don't need any person's permission to live my life.These backhanded "I give you my approval" comments annoy me because as Samuel L.Now, inspired by her late parents and other pioneering African American dealers, Ross is pushing to create opportunities for other women.Start the conversation, or Read more at Automotive News.

If you want to date out fine but once you disrespect bm and other bw then don't be surprised when you are also disrespected.

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Jackson would say, "I don't remember asking you a godd*** thing!

" Not only that, some of these men act as if BW dating interracially and having their approval (which is unneeded) means they aren't allowed to talk about certain things. And as it happens, this comment was featured in a tirade accusing me of maligning black men everywhere with this post.

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