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7) Having originally auditioned for the role of Kelly Kapowski, Elizabeth Berkley was passed over for Tiffani Thiessen.However, producers couldn’t get over how much they liked Berkeley, so the part of Jessie Spano was written just for her.Was it totally unfathomable that could ever take place?I can't really recall but as a young black girl did the thought ever cross my mind, secretly did I hope Lisa would catch Zach's eye or by that time was I already programmed to know better.Even though at the time my parents were in an interracial marriage (black mom/white father) the images I seen never supported that idea.Now as a grown woman I don't see color, when a man catches my eye he catches my eye. Now I won't lie I did go through a period when I thought I should only date black men because of the lack of black positive power couples.We think Lark has aged just fine, but watch the video below and judge for yourself.One thing’s for sure — she still has Lisa’s irrepressible spirit.

With all the "subjects" the writer decided to tackle I wonder if interracial dating was totally off limits.Lark Voorhies is back to going IN on social media…backtracking claiming her Instagram account was hacked.Find out how she slammed Bill Cosby AND her ex-Martin Lawrence inside….From 1989-1993, the series ran on NBC, and was a launching pad for the careers of future stars Mario Lopez, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and others.Here are 30 secrets about this beloved sitcom that will blow your mind away.

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