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We're definitely moving toward the theatrical experience, he said, being a little more like Broadway in that the big movies coming out on 3,000 screens are playing in better and better theaters all the time to compete in 3D or whatever other format that can be devised are going to be those four-quadrant movies that draw a lot, a lot of moviegoers, whether that's families taking their kids, whether it's the dating crowd wanting to go," Howard recalled.

As cynical a purportedly feel-good romantic comedy has ever been (enough to make fits the devilish charms of its leading man like a customized glove—or rather, would appear to.

"Because there's no shame in turning around and saying, ' Yes, I love to make movies, but you know where this should really live? Wouldn't this be great in three-minute segments or something?

Or television, especially television.' Oh, my God, what's happening in series television and especially cable is pretty stunning.

In the United States alone, there were 33,000,000 people who visited dating sites in 2006. The executive Director of, one of the largest Internet Dating sites, stated that is focusing its target marketing on the "Baby Boomer" generation, people older than 50.

He feels the 18-25 aged group is gravitating towards the social networking sites like My Space.

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