Eclipse updating links to source folders eclipse updating links source folders

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(However, if there were a lot of projects, then restarting Eclipse would probably be simpler.) Instead of attaching a source folder to the file, you should zip the source folder and attach the zipped file to the

I also had to restart Eclipse before it cleaned up its cache (specifically, there a reference in .metadata/.plugins/org.core/cor‌​e.external.folders/.‌​project that only went away after a restart)@chrispy - You could probably accomplish the same thing by closing and opening the project(s) that were affected.

It also becomes topical when you need to make a custom project.

At Project Chaupal we are currently maintaining and updating the code from Project JXTA.

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See bug reports: id=457192 id=66177 I've been using Eclipse for more than ten years now, and so I like to think I know my way around it's offerings, but every now and then I get pleasantly surprised by discovering a feature – which usually had been there all along- but for which I finally have made the time to investigate.You can update multiple targets with a single invocation, and Subversion will not only gracefully skip any unversioned targets you provide it, but as of Subversion 1.7 will also include a post-update summary of all the updates it performed: $ cd my-projects $ svn update * Updating 'calc': U button.c U integer.c Updated to revision 394. Skipped 'tempfile.tmp' Updating 'paint': A palettes.c U brushes.c Updated to revision 60. NOTE: Apparently a bundle with a linked source will not be exported or built in an update site built.also Tycho will complain that it can't find linked sources, which severely limits the possibilities.

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