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Janey and Grandma escape their frigid Michigan hometown for the palm tree lined streets of sunny Los Angeles.

Bright-eyed early-twenty-something Janey has always dreamed of becoming an actress so she and her Grandma, a quirky sixty-something with a young heart, pack up and head west where Grandma realizes she too aspires to be famous.

For the love of all that is holy, if the thing has become a different color, get a new one.

Then address the issue of the (presumably filthy) bathmat. Having extra toothbrushes can be creepy, but mouthwash works for everyone. It’s a gentle way of saying: Get the fuck out of my house.

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But on the off chance you didn’t get your eyeballs on this “problem-solver” for the random hookup-prone, said kit is essentially designed to make the post-date journey home—Stride of Pride, as Available for the low price of .99, the kit comes stocked with a day-appropriate dress, flip-flops, a backpack, sunglasses, a toothbrush with toothpaste already on it, baby wipes, note cards and a breast cancer awareness bracelet (because why not? While it’s hard to deny that all those things would probably come in handy after a one-night stand, two questions immediately come to mind: Who is carrying all this shit around in a clutch or wristlet? Listen, free condoms scream one of two things: I never get laid; or I go to a lot of clinics that have free rubbers. With this albatross, girls might as well hold a sign that says, “Looking to Score.” And more importantly, why exactly does the overnight guest have to make all of the effort? We’re talking about a bottle on the nightstand, people. Nothing says “I am trustworthy” like giving someone the digits to your Wi-Fi. Don’t forget to show your guest where to plug in a phone and keep it at a safe distance, in case of an emergency escape. In our humble opinion, hookups and the day-after hike home would transpire much more smoothly if the resident (read: dudes, mostly) took the time to prepare. There’s nothing worse than waking up parched and naked in a stranger’s bed and having to feel your way around their apartment for a (clean) glass, and then filling it using the bathroom tap. Especially if your bedroom is in a basement where it’s going to be impossible to get 3G. , Mc Connell&Ryan two hypocrites., IMF downgrades U. GDP growth forecast.2017-18, Trump makes crops rot in the fields., Images for Forums, Oh Johnny, don't cry!Here's where you can meet singles in Okeechobee, Florida.

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