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They flirt, they check in with each other emotionally, they have dates — even double dates — vacation together and have sex.

While it seems crazy that anyone can love a machine, some predict we are just a decade or two from human-robot love, marriage and sex.

When they have “sex” (and I have to ask myself past phone sex — Fundawear already helps couples, who may be across the globe from each other, get each other off via a smartphone app. Because we really don’t another person to feel incredible sexual pleasure and satisfaction; most of what makes good sex occurs in the brain.

Your sweetie can have the biggest, thickest member on the planet and have all the right moves and then some, but the sex will if you’re thinking about how much you have to prepare for your board meeting tomorrow.

, what our own Justin Olivetti once called “an interesting failed experiment” for the genre and one of the worst-squandered IPs in online gaming. Do you miss the isometric views, the typewriter grind, the weird porn chat?

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It's simulate a sexy chat with a very hot girl : Blanca.

I'm not sure if I would like to do shop as much as the next girl . you like to shop Sure I like to shop as much as the next girl.

It's all clean now clean the floor Cheeky monkey... finger your pussy Ask Angelica for this kind of things.

While many AI researches discount the importance of the "Turing test," where a computer can trick a human into believe it's human as well, it's still the standard test that most people use.

This article first suggests that spam has passed the Turing test when a well crafted subject convinces you to open the email - but that's probably not true.

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