Single parent dating questions

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I just am so exhuasted by the end of a visit it takes a day to get energy back.( -- You've mastered the playdate, but now it's time for the date-date.Problem: I took the plunge and joined an online dating site.I'm anxious to note I have a kid because I don't want to scare guys away. --Ashley, 28, Winter Garden, Florida Solution: You're teaching your kids not to lie, right? "If you're going to send mixed or false signals, there's no point in shooting the flare gun up at all.A predictable routine structures your day and helps give your child a sense of security.You may miss your kids during the workday and feel guilty that your job requires you to spend so much time away from them. "Trying to squeeze in more time together by letting them stay up late is not the best approach," says Leah Klungness, Ph D, a psychologist in Long Island, N. "Kids need more sleep than we schedule into our jam-packed lives," she says.Trends tend to vary by region, with the South representing a much higher than average number.55 percent of kids in Mississippi, for instance, reside in single-parent homes, followed by 53 percent of kids in Louisiana.

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You are already acting like the mom and he is already taking you for granted?

"A museum, bookstore, sidewalk fair, farmer's market, or a park without swings where your kid can run on the grass and play catch are all places where adults hang out too," advises Spencer. 16 celebrity single moms When Should You Reveal You Have Kids?

I actually have a boyfriend but we both have kids and don't get to see each other much. I remember feeling exhausted at times with the dating when I was doing it casually, but there were some great times too and I know it helped me make a good choice this time.

You really should not be introducing kids until you are very very serious.

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