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Dating back to 1930, the Unilever business has grown to an extensive multinational firm that owns many consumer product brands in foods an drink, cleaning agents and personal care products.

Grays Court York is possibly the oldest continuously occupied house in the United Kingdom.

For reasons we cannot fathom, this style of beer (strong scotch ale or “wee heavy”) is not too popular in America but had enormous popularity in the United Kingdom dating as far back as the 1700’s.

Unilever is a dual-listed company consisting of Unilever N. in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Unilever PLC in London, United Kingdom.

Philippa Robinson, sister to Anthony, manages the Corporate and International business as Chief Operating Officer.

By 1911, the company had become the first removal company within the United Kingdom to provide road service from North to South after the opening of their London branch, which was shortly followed by the unveiling of their Birmingham warehouse in 1928.

He was given the house in 1547 by King Edward VI, the son of King Henry VIII.

The marble plaque on the fireplace is of Augusta, wife of Frederick Prince of Wales, and mother of George III.

The Dairy Shorthorn is the oldest registered breed of cattle in the United Kingdom dating back to the end of the 19th century.

Driven by our core values of Scoring as a Team, Daring to Innovate, Empowering People, Leading by Example, and Embarking on a Shared Vision, Safran companies play a driving role in our main markets in the UK.

Safran UK comprises several companies that are all leader in their markets.

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