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Maude is a formal language with a wide number of tools to analyze specifications and there are a number of tools and papers proposing the use of Maude as a candidate to deal with UML specifications.In this context, an evaluator of OCL can play a central role.The Object Constraint Language is a precise text language that provides constraint and object query expressions on any MOF model or meta-model that cannot otherwise be expressed by diagrammatic notation.OCL is a key component of the new OMG standard recommendation for transforming models, the Queries/Views/Transformations (QVT) specification.

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OCL is a part of UML, used to provide textual descriptions to UML models.

The use of OCL in the context of UML and in the field of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE ) has originated an increasing interest in tools supporting OCL from several scopes.

In OCL 2.0, the definition has been extended to include general object query language definitions.

OCL statements are constructed in four parts: OCL supplements UML by providing expressions that have neither the ambiguities of natural language nor the inherent difficulty of using complex mathematics.

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